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Rob Edwards Construction provides high quality construction workmanship to the residential homeowner as well as commercial building managers and tenants. Rob can provide a total package of services or an a-la-carte assortment if the owner wishes to become involved in the project. Below are a list of services we can offer:

  • Top craftsmen in carpentry, drywall, masonry, concrete, ceramics and painting to perform at exact standards to satisfy
  • Construction plans for finished basements, decks or additions
  • Obtaining permits or finding a permit expediter depending on the project
  • Assist owner to obtain construction financing through our preferred lenders program
  • Providing engineering support such as grading plans and designing storm water management facilities to support new construction or additions
  • Providing other engineering support such as structural, mechanical or electrical to satisfy jurisdictional requirements
  • obtain inspections and final occupancy permits
  • constructing driveways and sidewalks
  • extending municipal water and sewer service to the project site
  • coordinating utilities needed for the project such as electrical, telephone, cable or natural gas/propane
  • coordinating well drilling and septic field installation or modifications