Great question! The short answer- we like to call it “luxury vinyl outdoor flooring”. IntelliDeck is a waterproof deck membrane that is .060” x 72”. It has a PVC layer that is printed with attractive designs to complement any deck, especially those over living spaces. It has a 3 ounce non-woven polyester back layer to promote glue adhesion. IntelliDeck is 100% made in the USA in Winchester, Virginia by a company that has been in business since 1896.

  • Lowest cost of ownership of any decking material including; pressure treated lumber as well as wood plastic composite and their competitors.
  • Low maintenance product only requiring semi-annual cleaning with a pressure washer not exceeding 1500 psi or a brush and luke warm soapy water.
  • One step water-proof membrane that protects the substructure lumber for long life as well as waterproofs any living space underneath the deck. Note that PT and Composites require a separate, expensive water proof system to accomplish the same goal.
  • Slip resistant product whether wet or dry. Meets American Disabilities Acts (ADA) requirements.
  • Attractive patterns that complement outdoor living spaces
  • Patented cool colors™ technology that cools the decking surfaces making them comfortable to walk on. Cool Colors lowers the surface of the deck by as much as 20%. This makes the deck warm to walk on not scorching hot like composite decking
  • 15 year limited manufactures warranty on material. Supplemental installation warranty may be provided by the installer.
  • Eco-friendly, no trees are ever cut down to manufacture IntelliDeck. IntelliDeck uses a high percentage of post consumer recycled content in its construction, with little to no waste.
  • 100% made in the USA by a company that has been in business since 1896.
  • IntelliDeck is less costly on both a retail cost and an installed cost than composite decking
  • IntelliDeck offers the lowest cost of ownership of any decking product.
  • IntelliDeck comes in attractive designs that are as good or better than composite decking
  • IntelliDeck is a 1 step waterproof solution that protects the decking substructure (increasing its lifespan) and waterproofing any living spaces underneath the deck. Composite decking does not waterproof the substructure or any living spaces underneath. To do so requires a 2 step process that adds costs to an already expensive installation.
  • IntelliDeck’s original product has a 20 year track record in the extreme climate of Western Canada with zero warranty claims, while Composite decking has many class action lawsuits against it.
  • Composite Decking requires large gaps in between boards when installed properly. These gaps can trap debris and high heels. IntelliDeck has no gaps.

The installation of IntelliDeck takes 8 steps. The substructure for an IntelliDeck deck is 90% the same as for any decking material. There is no need to use pressure treated/chemically treated lumber as IntelliDeck is a one step waterproofing product.

Yes! IntelliDeck™ offers an industry leading 15 year pro-rated warranty.

Intellideck™ is currently offered in 11 great designs:

  • Stones Collection:
    • Sandstone
    • Slate
  • Marbles Collection:
    • Venetian Taupe
    • Sahara Beige
    • Dove Grey
    • Antique Beige
  • Pebbles Collection:
    • Cobblestone
    • Pebblestone
  • Naturals Collection:
    • Silver Maple
    • Walnut
    • Ipe

IntelliDeck™ offers two product lines.

  • IntelliDeck™ “Solutions” comes in 6 colors to complement any home/deck.
  • IntelliDeck™ “Evolutions” comes in 6 cutting edge designs and uses cool colors Technology that reduces the surface temperature of the deck by as much as 20%.
    • On those hot summer days, your deck will be merely warm and not HOT like Trex and other composites.

Despite its urban lowercase formatting, cool colors ® doesn’t stand for a fancy description of our attractive patterns, colors and designs (although we’re really proud of them), but a description of a highly complex technology to make the surface of your deck up to 20% cooler to walk on.

If you’ve ever contemplated a wood plastic composite (WPC) deck (like Trex, Fiberon, or Timbertech) or an Ipe deck then you’ve likely read about or experienced the extreme heat buildup of those decks in the summer.

IntelliDeck is the only decking product manufactured with this patented heat-reduction technology to make your deck friendly to bare feet.